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    Post about your experiences? How's your Pre/Pixi build quality like?

    As this is my 3rd Pre (long story short). I am a little bit concerned about device build quality. To keep the story short, all of my concerns are in the process of being addressed (thanks Palm, but no thanks to you Verizon)--

    1st Pre:
    Timeframe of ownership: ~2 weeks
    Issue: Double keys, non-responsive keys
    Resolution: Called Verizon, got them to submit a product inquiry, a new device was shipped out to me for replacement

    2nd Pre:
    Timeframe of ownership: Less than a day
    Issue: LCD bleeding & Discoloration on arrival, noticed within 10 minutes of device use
    Resolution: Called Verizon, went into store to exchange

    3rd Pre:

    Timeframe of ownership: Current device (a few days)
    Issue: Similar LCD bleeding / Discoloration issues on arrival, within 5 minutes of IN-STORE use; Verizon sales reps refused to exchange the device claiming this was common in ALL phones and that they could not exchange for a new since I had "activated" the device and exchanged twice already. This device also appears to have the keyboard issue, but more use will be required to actually confirm.
    Resolution: In process with Palm directly.

    With the LCD bleeding, it seems to me that it increases as device use / heat increases. Is anyone else experiencing this? However, even with minimal use, the LCD bleeding / discoloration is noticeable by default using certain apps. Completely unacceptable for a new device, seeing as usually these problems get worse over time.

    I don't remember my first Palm's production date, but my 2nd is October 2009, and my 3rd is January 2010 (I think?? someone point me again to that post with how to figure out production date, thanks!)

    Since most of the people that will be responding to this post are probably other users who have issues, I know responses will be a little bit skewed, but I am a little curios as to if other issues have been having similarly frustrating issues with their Pre.

    I love my Pre and my overall user experience with WebOS, but hardware issues are extremely annoying and are a deal breaker for me. Let's compile a list, and I'll send it over to Palm if we can get a consistent list of problems, and hopefully this will enable them to find solutions .
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    I also have the splotches on the bottom of my screen... I got a refurb when I had a usb crack on my first phone. That one was fine until the power button stopped working. I probably could have fixed it, but it was a little bit Oreo and had a small scratch, so I got it replaced. The refurb i got this tuesday seemed to be running at a lower resolution maybe like 16-bit or something - hah... the screen was pixilated and it wasn't rendering many all the different shades of colors.

    The one I got today was new in the box, it has a 2/2010 build date and it is splotchy (but not that bad)... will it really get worse over time? I've been dealing with asurion (bc I was told I have to by sprint repair center).. and I think they'll call me crazy if I call them again and tell them I have screen problems for the 2nd time this week. but it is true!

    I think I can live with it.... unless it gets worse.
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    I have a Pixi, my second one actually. But I can't blame build quality for the first one dying. No phone handles getting slam dunked on a hard floor.

    The first Pixi had the metal strip fall off the USB flap, a little Super glue fixed it. This one has a redesigned flap that should really last. The kb & screen are top notch. Even though the phone is lightweight, it feels solid. I'm really impressed with the build on the Pixi.
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    Some people have really good ones, sadly I'm not one of those people. I can't express how much I enjoy WebOS but on the flip side of that token it just bothers me so much that just with very light use my Pre developed a crazy bad Oreo, gets REALLY warm, the warmth causes the screen to blotch up all along the bottom right above the gesture area.

    Because of these things I don't even use the phone as much as I'd like, and using it heavily while charging? forget about it the heat and screen blotches just make you feel like the thing will explode.

    I'm hanging with Palm in hopes they release a new device that is built properly, if they don't I will move on come June. I really really want WebOS to succeed because it is an incredible OS, but I just can't handle using a second rate device (not because of the actual hardware, but because of how terribly MINE is built).

    EDIT: btw this is my 3rd Pre, after this one had all the same issues if not more as the other two, I just said "until it just stop working I'll hang on to it". I just don't feel like dealing with getting another replacement only to be let down. Though I am hearing the newer replacements are of superior build quality, which kind of makes me want to rethink that decision. No one has really posted concrete info on that though.
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    oh and no random restart, ever. TMC only about 3 times in the 45 days I've had it. I preventively restart the phone once a week. The alarm always works, all my email accounts and calendar work perfectly and fast. I don't start seeing a lag until I open seven cards. I rarely even bother opening up my laptop these days. I'm very pleased with the Pixi. I picked up an iphone in the Apple Store the other day and couldn't believe how heavy it was. Think i'll stick with this phone for a long time, or at least until Palm brings out a new killer device.

    The UI is amazing and so intuitive. My son bought an iPad. Nice device, but I couldn't stop myself from wanting to flick and swipe! WebOS on a similar device would be unreal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mofishmgr View Post
    The UI is amazing and so intuitive. My son bought an iPad. Nice device, but I couldn't stop myself from wanting to flick and swipe! WebOS on a similar device would be unreal.
    It is very hard to move away from this, one of the reasons I can never leave my Pre.

    It is just so natural and works so seamlessly it is pretty baffling Palm didn't advertise it right.
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    I have a feb 2010 build pre - splotches on the bottom. not bad though. My launch day pre was flawless except for the usb crack..
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    It sounds like palm needs to focus their efforts on quality control. Before I returned my last pre, I had the opportunity of speaking to one of Palm's public facing individuals. He sounded like he was willing to do whatever it took to fix it, however it would require sending my phone in for repair / replacement... which would mean several days of down time. Also, since I was within Verizon's "30 day worry free guarantee", he strongly recommended that I demand Verizon take care of me as their customer. Hah.

    I ended up returning to Pre, partly due to my unwillingness to juggle another batch of quirky hardware, but also my complete unsatisfactory experience at Verizon's failure of customer service. I'm still hanging onto my dying EnV2 hoping Palm will release another device (or fix the problems with the current devices), but I'm not counting on it :'(.
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    It does look like an issue of quality control.

    I've only had mine a couple of weeks now (though it seems the dodgy ones are mostly dodgy on delivery).

    It was fine, the keyboard seemed solid. Screen bright and clear. In fact one of the main reasons I chose it was because I liked it's looks above the other floors, that and I'd read up on which phone seemed to give the best browsing experience.

    I was surprised when I read the forum and found so many people had complaints.
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    USB Door crack. Loose battery.

    This June I'm moving on.
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    Love my Pixi!!! Lightweight, but solid build with a strong keyboard and great touchscreen. The only thing I've noticed with hardware is the silent switch, if my hand touches it wrong, it vibrates for a moment, then goes back to normal. For a firstgen phone....I can live with that
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    Build Quality (TM)

    My kind of thread...
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    nothing yet for my pre I've only had it for 3 days so far
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    I have had the same Pre since the Jun release. I love the Webos but the build quality is not very good. I think palm should have released the Pixi first and called it the Pre instead. As soon as Jun 8 rolls around I will be changing to the new BB 9650. Good luck to Palm but unless thier build quality improves I will never buy a Palm product again.

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