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    I was going to transfer some of my stuff off my phone but decided to scan the phone first. When my scan had finished it found a virus called this. Now my virus scan said it deleted it so I need to know if first off my pre no longer has it on it and if it does how do i get rid of it? The antivirus says it originated from the downloads folder.

    I plan on making my stay here permanent as long as i have a good first experience so if anyone could shed some light on this for me i would appreciate it thanks.
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    If it's in the downloads folder, it's most likely something you accidentally clicked on in the web browser. Since the Pre can't actually run win32 exe files, it wasn't infected, just it was storing an infected file (which your antivirus deleted).
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    alright cool thats a load off my mind, so should i still attempt to get it off my phone or is it gone already? and thanks for the quick response. and i look forward to contributing to this great site and forums.
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    Yeah you can just delete it off of your phone. Your antivirus software might have done this already.

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