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    After installing, my 650i w/NAV syncs up with my phone again. However, there was a pleasant surprise. It transferred my contacts over for the first time! It was never able to do that before. I'm thrilled.
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    #162 fixed the problem in my 2006 BMW 750Li. Just as pwpark noted, I am now able to transfer my contacts as well. I was never able to do that before either. Thank you Palm. I was just about to jump ship because of this.
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    Pwpark and Roscoe,
    did you manually send the contacts to the car or did it do it automatically?
    I tried a dial name and it still tells me that the phone book is empty but I'm able to scroll through all of my contacts on the phone using the radio buttons.

    I've seen a "Send to car kit" menu item in contacts....maybe I'll try that tomorrow.
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    It took some time, but it did the transfer automatically. I did not have to push it via "send to car kit".
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    Heh, I didn't even notice that. Mine transferred automagically as well.
    Good stuff.
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    My issue is not with 1.4.1, but somewhere along the line my BT stopped synching my phonebook. The calls are fine, but no phonebook is getting tough

    2010 535xi, can anyone give me some advice. I tried deleting and repairing. I tried to send conact list so far. (several times each)
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    I have two vehicles where the PAlm Blue tooth worked fine previously and now on both cars it connects on both cars but there is no voice being sent thru to the car. I have a mini(BMW) and Ford SYNC
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    I have no issues with and my 07 335. Pairs quickly and accesses the full contact list, voice quality is very good.
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