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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberstven View Post
    Are us BMW owners not important enough to palm?
    It doesn't work with the Nissan/Infiniti bluetooth system also.

    Hope that makes you feel better!
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    haha it sure does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pioneer View Post
    It doesn't work with the Nissan/Infiniti bluetooth system also.

    Hope that makes you feel better!
    Generally I have been thrilled with 1.4

    However, now I can't pair with my GPS. I never thought I'd use that feature with my Centro, but it turned out to me VERY useful to play conference calls through my car stereo, and attach an external mic for speaking.

    Now I have lost that feature with 1.4

    Hey Palm, what's up with that?
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    I work for BMW, I will try it tomorrow. I know that it was working better today in my '09 335i with no nav. I had issues starting with the 1.35 patch. I was having an issue where the car would show the signal strength indicator, but still say that the device was not connected. I would have to shut pf the BT on the phone then turn it back on.

    I never thought much of it since I have so many patches installed.
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    <-- Thanks, SirWise! With every BMW I've leased since BT came on the scene, I've been skeptical that my phone (at the time) wouldn't work since I've not had cell phones that were officially tested to work with the car that I had at the time. But all of them paired and worked flawlessly (including my Pre, pre-1.4). Surely (hopefully), if the update programmed in 1.4 is breaking the link, then someone can figure out how to undo the 1.4 change.
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    Same issue here. Phone finds BMW, but BMW won't communicate with phone. Very frustrating.
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    Thanks...are those having BMW issue using Sprint or Verizon device?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jiholl5333 View Post
    Thanks...are those having BMW issue using Sprint or Verizon device?
    my issue is happening on a sprint palme pre with patches.
    my car is a 2005 330ci.
    my card is american express. (okay i threw that in for effect)
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    Working just fine on my Lexus LS 460
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    It works fine with Acura (I have a 2007 MDX Sport). That said, IIRC, there were problems with Acura's systems when the Pre was first released, and Palm was fairly quick to address the issue with an update. So, if the past is anything to go by, you guys should be getting some relief soon in the form of an update relatively soon.

    Of course, keep posting here to keep the heat on. Good luck.

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    I have the same issue, device pairs but wont connect. Palm asked me to do the partial erase, which did not work. I was asked to use the web os doctor but it seems like a definite bug that was produced by the new release. If everyone on this thread submits a request to palm they will take a look at it.

    Does anyone know how to rollback to 1.35 ? I would like to do this until they can get this issues resolved, I dont care too much about the video.

    06 325i No Navi
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    2009 135i does great. Pairs up soon as I get in the car and turn on the console.
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    Having the same problem - the car seems to find the phone - I enter a p/w on both the stereo & the phn and says complete but when I look for the phn to dial out it says please pair - have had nothing but problems with this phn - also seems that the display turns black when over used and gets warm or battery gets low?....
    Happend twice already!......
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    should I call and conplain to sprint or palm?
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    I have a 2009 335xi and I am experiencing the same problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jiholl5333 View Post
    Thanks...are those having BMW issue using Sprint or Verizon device?
    Sprint Pre (june6th). No patches. Againa never had problems, even my contact list would load well pre-1.4. Crap.... this maybe a deal breaker for me if a fix isn't in the near future I absolutely love car BT, when I see a person holding their phone while driving I have pity for them.

    To everyone: Keep on role calling if you are having BT issues. Year, model, make of car (nav or no nav) and specify Sprint or Version.

    It seems palm needs to be contacted if more cases are posted.


    PS- I will try deleting my profile off my car then repairing it. If that doesn't work... bad news.
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    Just called in. You should all too. This sucks!
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    yo.. Same ***** here.
    2006 BMW 325i no Nav.
    worked before.. Doesn't after 1.4 upgrade. Tried all of the above, same results. So, no cigar. And I like cigars, so somebody needs to get on the ball immediately.
    palm should be in the business of fixing bugs, not making them.
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    I have a 2006 X3 no navigation and lost my connectivity after 1.4. Sprint Palm Pre Same issue other have reported. Shows searching all the time although it says it is connected. Sporadically connects. Please post a work around or solution if Palm comes up with one.
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    well at least it's a very specific bluetooth issue with a singular pairing system. Palm should hopefully be able to fix it quickly or better yet, maybe someone will figure out a patch to fix it (which will probably result in a quicker resolution)
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