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    Well I was really waiting for this and now....well lets see.

    1. Every time I send a video out mms to another carrier(verizon, ATT, Metro) I get some BS message saying the pic/vid message you sent may not be received because of size yada yada...mind you 20 sec 30 sec..I get this EVERY time I send a video.

    2. When I try to upload to youtube it says invalid username/pass but yet its correct so no uploads yet to you tube.

    3. The facebook app thats in the pre doesnt so my videos in my profile. I have to go into the web one to see them...but hey at least I can upload there.

    4. If I select multiple people(3 btw) to send a mms video to the messaging app freezes. I cant scroll up and down the threaded messages. Its stuck(so i soft reset)

    5. Email issues....I dont think they are coming "instant"

    Any help on any of the above would greatly be appreciated...Thanks
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    There is a thread made by the Mod's specifically for this topic, and it's been there since the launch of the update.. why did you not post in there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NM08SRT8 View Post
    There is a thread made by the Mod's specifically for this topic, and it's been there since the launch of the update.. why did you not post in there?
    Because it would get buried. I posted about my first video sent to a verizon contact reply
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    Those thread's the mods added were a good idea, but there is so much crap being posted they aren't very useful. Can't blame someone creating a new thread but I really wish it was possible to keep everything organized.

    It's hard to wade through 50 posts that someone's update has taken 30 seconds longer than they anticipated and the others by people who feel the urge to give real-time updates of their upgrade progress
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    We'll see..
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    Thx for understanding. I have since done a HARD we will see
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    Hard reset didnt fix ......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugewhyte View Post
    Hard reset didnt fix ......
    The doctor is available now, since you've already done a hard reset might as well give the doctor a try.
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    you may not get an instant response on those threads that are dedicated to updates/issues, but those are the threads that the developers follow. So you may not get the instant answer that you were looking for, but at least the people who can actually do something to fix the error in the next update see all of the recurring issues. Not to mention that if you actually read the thread you might happen to find someone else who has had that issue and you can reiterate the problem.

    I'm just saying its fine to start a new thread if you can't wait a few days, but you really should duplicate this post in those threads for future reference.
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    it's amazing when ppl complain and then just add to the problem....flaming someone for posting just adds to the problem obviously. So post anything you want where ever you want, about anything you want, if a moderator or who ever owns precentral . Net has a problem they'll let you know, I'm sure. Till then get help the best way you see fit!
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    I would also suggest a Doctor visit.. I tried running the 800MHz patch on 1.4 and botched something.. ended up running doc then updated to 1.4. Now I'm running a completely clean Pre with no patches and I'm not having any issues at all.

    One of my big gripes with was e-mail not being pushed, the issue seems to still be present but it's not as delayed as it was before.

    Another complaint I had was poor battery life. This morning I noticed after the update GPS was enabled. Not sure if this was from 1.4 or from doctoring my Pre.. I'm guessing it's the latter so just keep them in mind!
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