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    My Pre is a GSM one, in Mexico, carrier Telcel.

    We don't have a date and I'm pretty sure we won't get webos 1.4 tomorrow, so I'm taking matters in my own hands.

    I'm going to install the europe 1.4 over my Pre, sticking the webos.tar file inside Telcel's and hope for the best.

    Now, the fun part:

    What would happen if I DON'T uninstall my patches? Would Preware install the updated patches after the install?

    I hope someone answers, I have 5 minutes left to download the webosdoctor file, and I pretend to do this on Sunday, at about 9am CDT. Please, someone advice or I'll have to do it on my own and test myself


    Wish me luck!
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    i suggest you wipe your phone clean and not give it any reason to fail.. def good luck!
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    You think??
    I wanna!!!
    hehehe... but, well, they're only 34 patches (33, as virtual keyboard doesn't work)

    Well, I'll have to ask my pillow what to do
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    I already tried replacing the Webos. tar in the telcel webos doctor, it's stays at 3% progress. Any ideas?
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    I'll look into it tomorrow then

    If anyone gets it to work please report!!!
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    Ok, I just did it.

    Grabbed the Telcel file and the 1.4 GSM (Eur) file, dropped the 1.4 webos.tar into the Telcel

    Then I used metadoctor to repack the Telcel file with the correct sha sums.

    Ran the new webosdoctor file

    It seems to have flashed correctly, now I'm waiting for my baby to boot

    Later I'll post instructions. I must say, I did this in Ubuntu Linux. I think you can do it with Windows/Cygwin, but I don't have access to a windows machine.

    No, I can't and won't uploaded the modified Telcel file, it weights in about 200Mb and Telcel gives us a 500Mb limit, so, you will have to do it yourselves

    Mmmm... 5 minutes have passed and I'm still at the Palm logo, and it doesn't glow....

    I have to go, be back in about 2 hours to fix this...
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    Well, I took out the battery and it booted (after 5 minutes but it did it).

    Palm profile login, account sync, etc.

    It's alive!!
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    congrats, report back on what you think of 1.4
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    First findings:

    1. App Store doesn't work (will try another method, maybe telcel wr.tar over eur wr.tar)
    2. Wiped out all my apps, official and unofficial.

    First issue, I'll try sticking also wr.tar into my webos jar file and reflashing
    Second issue, I think it erases the cryptofs filesystem, and there goes everything! (except, of course, "normal" media - pics, videos, music)

    Now I'll try again. If this doesn't work I guess I'll have to go back to and wait... Maybe I can live w/o the app store, but then again, whenever we get access to paid apps I would have to doctor it again...


    Damn Telcel!!! Why can't you be faster?!!!

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