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    It is defiinitely a little slower. My pre used to be as fast as my bros ipod touch exactly but is now a little slower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pelikan3 View Post
    I appreciate all the feedback. It's late, and I think it's possible for an observation to come off as a complaint. I think I agree with the folks who see a reduction in lag. I am sensitive to how quickly apps open because I usually need them in a timely fashion, and, because my wife has stood next to me in the Sprint store and showed me how both the HTC Hero with it's 800Mhz processor, and her Palm Centro, with its 312Mhz processor, open apps several seconds faster than my pre.

    But I am definitely NOT seeing an improvement in battery life. Can I safely load Preware and turn on CPU Scaling to improve my battery performance?
    Try's suggestions on improving battery life. They have several articles on getting the most out of PRE and a good read.

    One additional thing not mentioned in the article is that if you have spotty connection battery drains faster. With the always roam option (via a patch) you can stop battery from dying early in areas where you know you are going to get a spotty connection.
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    I noticed scrolling is faster, os seems a bit more polished....I do wish they could optimize web os for speed and battery life like apple did for the 3gs.......

    web pages render more accurately and slightly faster....
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    Quote Originally Posted by pelikan3 View Post
    Am I mis-remembering? I thought that was what the Sprint rep quoted us at the store. Seemed logical since the Google Nexus has a 1Ghz processor so I didn't ask further.

    I'm actually more disappointed that my wife's 2 year old, 312Mhz, Centro opens apps several seconds faster.
    All of the phones typically run on a system-on-a-chip SOC design which incorporates a processor, graphics chip and maybe a few DSPs to accelerate certain tasks. these SoCs are available from several manufacturers Qualcomm and Texas instruments being the most notable (prevalent).

    HTC hero has a 524 MHZ ARM11 processor (same as iphone 2G and 3G albeit iphone is rumored to have them running at ~400 MHz) Samsung Moment has Arm 11 at 800 MHz.

    PRE, Droid and Nokia N900 have ARM cortex A8 based processors Texas Instruments OMAP3 (newer gen than ARM11) and PRE has it underclocked at 500 MHz Droid runs the processor at full 600 MHz speed. PRE was supposed to be running at 600 too and there was briefly a patch available to make it run at 600.

    iphone uses Samsung's Cortex A8 based processor running at 600 Mhz.

    Nexus N1, HTC HD2 and Toshiba's TG01all uses Qualcomm's Cortex A8 based Snapdragon that is running at 1 GHz.

    If I remember correctly snapdragon's graphic co-processor is weaker than OMAP3's (beacuse of TI's use of several DSPs to offload work from the main CPU) but its higher speed gives it an advantage.

    In the end it is all about how the underlying hardware is being utilized. The best hardware in the world will be slow if it is not optimized. PRE has really good internals and should in theory be as fast as iPhone 3GS or at the very least faster than HTC hero and Samsung Moment but for now it is not.

    Coming from an iphone 3G I can assure you that Apple did not get it right until late iphone OS 2.0 and OS 3.0 so Palm still needs some time before the software is able to take advantage of the hardware. From what I have read, right now the graphic's co-processor is not used to accelerate the UI and once that is done (rumored to happen with WebOS 2.0) things should improve quite a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaenizzle05 View Post
    my battery life got murdered too! I took my phone off the charger approx 1hr ago and I'm already @ 57%! ***? this means I'm gonna have to carry my charger around with me everywhere i go! no bueno...
    mines was on 69% but I didn't ecen use anything I look at a 2min vid and a website. iCompletely slower I'll try to doctor it but I'm
    still on my 1st 30 days so if it doesn't improve I might go with the hero.
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    my pre is definitly faster, the new transitions in UI navigation are great and wicked fast.
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    Also 3D performance seems to be better. Let's Golf runs way smoother for me. Dont know if anyone else noticed this.
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    Along with the lack of speed enhancements in load time because of the illusion of the card coming up what it does allow is the opening of othwr apps a bit easier. I don't know jow many times I say there waiting for an app to start now I click and the card pops up and as its loading I look at something else. Maybe its psychological I don't know.
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    It's definitely not any faster. Palm should, instead of giving the appearance of the device being faster with splash cards, put some effort into ACTUALLY making it faster. Just another sad attempt by Palm to bail water out of their sinking ship.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zdragon View Post
    What is several seconds? What app do you need in such a timely manner that a couple of seconds even matters? Are they the exact same apps on each phone?

    My wife upgraded to Webos from her centro last month and absolutely would not go back to it.
    1-2 seconds to open any app on Centro, vs 4-5 seconds, sometimes more on pre. Her Blazer browser renders web sites faster too.

    If you have an emergency and need to make a call, an extra few seconds to find the number in your contacts, because it takes longer to open and longer to search, can be an eternity.

    If you realize you don't remember your way somewhere as well as you thought, a device that responds quickly and opens apps quickly, can give you corrected directions in the time it takes to go a half a mile at 60 miles an hour (her phone with Google maps). My GPS takes a minute or two at best, in the time it takes to open and search. And, half the time, it doesn't fine what I want and I have to check all my settings and reboot, which kills at least 5 minutes.

    Wife won't get a Pre or Pixi. She hates WebOS because she finds it slow and unresponsive. She found HTC Hero to be much more responsive, faster to navigate and more robust. But, she also likes simple, fast, necessary info, so she's probably going with a Blackberry Curve.

    Again, how fast do I really need something? Usually as fast or faster than I think I do. A brand new 600Mhz device should be able to deliver near instant access better than a 2 year old 312 Mhz device.

    I'm on Pre number 6. If it fails, and it probably will, there may not be a number 7.
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    I believe it is faster for more pre-loaded applications (ex. navigator) and for the others while it may be the same speed the new loading screen at least give the perception of speed. Either way that minor app changes are good in my book.
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    Yes, we know. This has been discussed many times before.
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    I agree, I dislike the illusion of openong things faster. I dpnt like the little card opening at all, I'd rather have the lag time and no little card.I did notice some times I won't get the smaller card, most of the time I do. It's still draggin as* though. 2 or 3 sec to open my phone app is just pathetic, IMO. So far, 1.4 just sux, maybe I will get back the use of the other things I used before, but video isn't worth my loss and can't find anything else on 1.4 that's so great either, maybe I will but so far I am Just really dissapointed!
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    I think it is faster at doing things within certain apps, I also feel like my email loads faster.

    But to this day it does not multi-task as well as my launch day pre did.

    Freaking has to refresh web pages if I go back to one, it used to NEVER do that. I could have 4 web pages all loading at the same time, switch between all of them, and never have one reload.
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    The reason why everyone is experiencing worse battery life is because you've just downloaded the new OS with a video camera and you've been shooting tons of videos and then editing them, etc. Also, you're hunting thru all the menus trying to find all the new little options.

    As for performance, I've noticed it IS a little better compared to any other previous OS release. I installed ePocrates the day prior to the updated OS and it took a long time to load. Now, the load splash screen doesn't even have time to show up before the program fully loads after upgrading the OS. This phone will NEVER be significantly faster to satisfy most of the [permanently] unhappy users on this forum unless you physically upgrade the phone's chipset, etc. Software updates will only make a marginal improvement in speed.
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    Why would Palm handicap the proc at 500Mhz? Tradeoff to help with battery life? That's the only reason I can figure..
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    Quote Originally Posted by jephdood View Post
    Why would Palm handicap the proc at 500Mhz? Tradeoff to help with battery life? That's the only reason I can figure..
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    1.4 is def faster, maybe not for those who had the 600mhz patches installed and what not, i had the 550 and this seems smoother...anyone hear any good feedback bout the new 800 patch??
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    Quote Originally Posted by jephdood View Post
    Why would Palm handicap the proc at 500Mhz? Tradeoff to help with battery life? That's the only reason I can figure..
    I believe it was primarily a yield issue. 500 MHz was fast enough and yields for processor at 600 MHz was low so they underclocked it. This has the added benefit of increasing battery life as well as the life of the processor.

    Newer PRE's should have no problem running at full 600 MHz.
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    It's faster, but e-mail is slower. The lag is really noticeable now.
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