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    Quote Originally Posted by pelikan3 View Post
    I appreciate all the feedback. It's late, and I think it's possible for an observation to come off as a complaint. I think I agree with the folks who see a reduction in lag. I am sensitive to how quickly apps open because I usually need them in a timely fashion, and, because my wife has stood next to me in the Sprint store and showed me how both the HTC Hero with it's 800Mhz processor, and her Palm Centro, with its 312Mhz processor, open apps several seconds faster than my pre.

    But I am definitely NOT seeing an improvement in battery life. Can I safely load Preware and turn on CPU Scaling to improve my battery performance?
    What is several seconds? What app do you need in such a timely manner that a couple of seconds even matters? Are they the exact same apps on each phone?

    My wife upgraded to Webos from her centro last month and absolutely would not go back to it.
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    While I've never timed apps opening and all that, I will say that:

    (1) I like the no lag of tapping to open an app, even if the little glowing icon thing has already gotten old IMO. (I'll take it over waiting to see if my tap even registered correctly and then waiting for the card to open.)

    (2) Within launched apps, it is noticably faster when going between screens/doing different things in the apps. The App Catalog pages load faster, the e-mail app screens load faster, and other apps' screens load faster as well.

    (3) Scrolling is noticably smoother. I didn't expect that at all, but I noticed it as soon as I had my first scrolling experience (in the e-mail app) and I continue to notice it.

    (4) Web page text rendering is better. I even had it correct text that was slightly misaligned at the top of the letters after scrolling (I'm sure you've all seen that before)! I did not re-scroll a bit to get it to look right, but I watched the browser correct the text automatically. That was great!

    (5) Off-topic, but I am SOOOO glad I can once again use the regular Facebook Web site!!!!!!!!!
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    Overall it feels faster to me, really happy with the 1.4 update. Good job Palm!
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    Seems tough to compare from one another.
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    I'm going to say its how you personally digest its performance. To some its faster, others its smoother, or just slower.

    I saying there's somethings taht are smoother, but I wouldn't warrant it to be faster. I'm leaning to the next update which would probably do more fixing then features.
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    yeah not much on the battery side or speed but I feel that it is a bit more stable feeling. But I could be wrong. Only time, and daily use will tell
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    Not too sure what you guys are talking about but considering the fact my Pre managed to do SunSpider in around 18 seconds, I'm quite happy.
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    its faster within the apps. Just recognized it in radiotime which is so much faster compared to before 1.4. Also overall smoothness is better.
    and for those who whine because programs dont load faster.. Palm only said in the changelog that the speed has been increased in phone(app) and messaging.

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    It does feel faster, very little lag going from page to page of apps, music player shorter time start period, going from picture to picture is less laggy (though being in Photo apps I have to say I was surprised at seeing 2 pictures that I never seen before...and no I don't use 3rd party photo apps, no facebooks contacts, no google friends..yes I'm that lone wolf, but I have to say it was a very nice flower picture ). Overall this 1.4 is a great update.
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    Comparing it to other phones running a different OS, with a different GUI and different apps, and different methods in the way the apps are made isn't very realistic.

    Plus, if you are using something a lot you can just leave it open. You really can't wait an extra second for something to load? Do you have a defibrillator app you need to bring someone back to life or something?
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    I just finished my update on my Pre Plus and while I did notice that the speed for loading apps is about the same, there is a definite improvement with the phone app and messaging. Scrolling through the phone app is significantly better, as is regular contacts. Prior to this update, it would not scroll at all. It could still use some improvement as it does hiccup here and there and does pause to load some names if you scroll too fast, but it's MUCH better than what it was. It actually is scrolling now.

    The other thing I noticed is that the time between moving your fingers across the screen and the screen picking that up is slightly quicker. They probably went from (I'm just guessing here) 25 pixels to about 15 or 20 pixels. It would be nice to see this get even smaller, but this is certainly another improvement. I know Palm said that they had a long discussion on this, but maybe they should just leave an option in the settings for each user to adjust for themselves....

    A somewhat pleasurable change is in the launcher app. When you scroll up and down, it appears as though they refined the physics engine for scrolling as it appears to be much smoother and it scrolls much cleaner. Before it was a bit choppy but now it's pretty smooth and a slow swipe will keep the icons moving very slowly for a good time.

    Another odd change I noticed (but then again it could just be that I haven't recognized it that much) was in the web browser. It does appear to be slightly quicker loading - at least now it appears that the page will display something before it finishes completely loading. But more interesting is the pinch zoom in and out. The pinching in and out seem quicker, but there seems to be more checker-boxing.

    For instance, in the web browser, if you zoom into something, let the page completely refresh so the picture is clear. Once completely loaded, keep your two fingers on the web page and zoom back out - but be sure to not remove your two fingers from the screen. What it does now is resize just the pixels that were displayed when the page was zoomed in. Once you take your fingers off the screen, then the rest of the web page fills in. I don't know if Palm did this to help with the speed of zooming, but I couldn't help but notice this.

    The last thing I noticed was the email app. I don't remember my emails being able to read html code before. I get quite a number of html based emails and they would always show me links instead of the images. A few emails I recently opened up had the full pictures and frames working perfectly. Not sure if this is just me not noticing it before, but it seems like it's at least working now. There were one or two messages that still didn't display right, but overall it seemed better.

    I'm sad to see that the ability to add attendees to calendar appointments was not added, nor the option of making the appointments private, but I'm hoping Palm will have that in the works. I just can't imagine them not realizing how important this option is.

    I don't have much time to go through everything else, but will post back when I find more.... but for now, good job Palm!
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    #32 to anyone coming on this forum to post anything about speed if you don't have numbers to back up your claim. Anything else is just perception. Count me among those who don't give a rat's about what you perceive--just provide the facts so they can speak for themselves.
    I've been one of the first to jump all over palm for the things they've screwed up, but this time they've made a measurable difference in performance.

    Here are my before and after 1.4 speeds. It would be great to have many more members take a few minutes to time/post their Pre numbers before updating:

    Memos: was 8 sec. Now 4 sec!
    App catalog: used to take 8 sec to get search cursor & 24s to first visible app icon. Now, the first app icons start popping up within 8-9 seconds!
    Goog Calendar Search: was 6 sec to open & 35 sec to 2 minutes to return a result. Now 3 seconds and about the same total search time.
    Music: was 3s. Now same.
    Email: was 4s. Now 3s.
    Photos: 4s. Now 3.5 sec.
    Utube: was 7 sec to first clickable image link. Now 5.5.
    Classic: was 39 seconds consistently. Now as fast as 15 seconds, but sometimes the same old speed (I have no idea why the variablility. Hopefully it'll settle out closer to the 15 second time).
    Calculator: was 3 sec. Now the same and sometimes 4 or 5 seconds.
    Date & time: was 4 sec. Same.
    Sprint Nav: was 5 sec. Now 4.
    Calendar: was 2.5 sec. Still 2.5 sec.
    Contacts: was 3.5 sec. Now 2.5s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soldier91 View Post
    you guys are completly not insane. The tricked us with the card but I figured that too. And idk maybe I did something wrong but my battery drains atleast 15% quicker then what it used to do. My phone freezes and def runs a little lag'ish. And hardly anything big has been added or change. Palms running outta money and this phone is starting to suck. It's time to stop taking so much to make these 2 big things happen that aren't all that great and add the little things that we don't have. I'm not happy at all,is my update a misfit or what
    my battery life got murdered too! I took my phone off the charger approx 1hr ago and I'm already @ 57%! ***? this means I'm gonna have to carry my charger around with me everywhere i go! no bueno...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dallashigh View Post
    Where did she find a Hero with an 800MHz CPU?
    Am I mis-remembering? I thought that was what the Sprint rep quoted us at the store. Seemed logical since the Google Nexus has a 1Ghz processor so I didn't ask further.

    I'm actually more disappointed that my wife's 2 year old, 312Mhz, Centro opens apps several seconds faster.
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    Does 1.4 include CPU scaling or is this thing still locked at 500Mhz sleeping in my pocket? I need to know whether I should be loading Smartreflex or CPU scaling to try to try to salvage battery life.
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    when opening an app, it goes to 600..when done opening app it drops to 500 (does its own scaling)
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    just so you guys know when I upgraded to 1.4.0 my phone was really slow and then I upgraded my wifes pixi and it was way faster then my phone so I doctored my phone with the new 1.4 doctor and now it's really fast
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    Quote Originally Posted by pelikan3 View Post
    Not to suggest that the emperor is naked or anything, but 1.4 doesn't really make the Pre faster, it just fills the load time with that card icon before expanding into the full blown app, giving the illusion that apps open faster. I timed my apps opening on numerous occasions. The phone app took 2 seconds to open and the other apps take 4-5 seconds, under previous update versions. Under 1.4, that remains unchanged. I think it just SEEMS faster because of that little card icon.

    Battery time doesn't show much improvement. I took my phone off the charger at around 7pm this evening (at 100%). It's now 11:35pm eastern standard time, and my phone shows 78%. That's a 22% drop over a 4 hour period amounting to a 5.5% per hour drop in power. Thats about what I was getting before.

    Also, How is Preware behaving overall? Will I put CPU Scaling or the like work?

    I agree! I just told my husband that last night. My pre isn't any faster either!
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    The way the cards opened was discussed at length even before 1.4 was delivered. There's no revelation there. However, I must say that I don't really notice any speed improvements overall. I'm satisfied with how things open on my Pre.
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