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    My phone was at 25% last night at 2am and when I woke up, it was still at 9%. That's about what I used to get in airplane mode! I thought it might have been because I was at the inlaws, but have had the same all day today, if not better. It's great not to have to charge the phone all day! At this pace, I think I might get 36-48 hours per charge, minus usage.

    GPS is still a huge battery drain, about 1% per minute, but talk doesn't seem to hurt it much.

    Before the update, I was losing 15-20% per hour without even using the phone. Looks like palm was able to keep the phone in sleep mode when not in use, woop woop!
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    Totally agree.

    I used my phone all day today, bluetooth radio was on all day, an hour of talktime, use the web, browsed the app store, took some videos and uploaded them. 13 hours later I still have 20% battery. I'm super stoked.
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    Noticed a huge improvement today after 1.4. Used to be I couldn't make it through the day without recharging. I was on 2 planes today. Lots of texting, lots of calls lots of email and was still at 70%.

    Very Cool, Palm.
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    Yup, I don't care about the video that much. Realistically, I'll probably use it once every two or three weeks, but the battery issue was one of the two main issues I had with Palm (the other is the lack of apps and to a lesser degree the lack of virtual keyboard), but this really solved that. Hopefully future updates don't ruin this fix.
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    yeah the battery life is getting better, this phone is getting better every day
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    Wow, glad to hear 1.4 improved you all's battery life
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    Was out car shopping with my son and after 6 hours (light texting and a few calls) I was still at 89%.
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    As of 11:02 pm central time my battery is At 50% since 7am. I use my phone alot daily. I use about 2500 min a month not including text, web, twitter, facebook, music, and games.
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    I'd like to see some numbers with heavy usage, 3d games anyone?
    Either way, games + txting + youtubing + light calls + etc. it HAS improved.

    Way to go Palm
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    The battery has kept me on the sidelines of owning a Pre so this is good news. I've been wondering how much of an improvement the patch would make.

    Out of curiosity - does anyone know how Pre vs. Pre Plus battery life compared before the patch?
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    its not a patch...Its an Operating system upgrade
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    Sweet! I haven't tested this out but just a slight increase will be huge for me.
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    Weirdly enough, before the update, (like a week or so before) i noticed a giant leap in bettery lasting. I could browse the internet, text alot and leave IM on and after 12 hours I'd finally get the ding 18% alert, whereas before, if i did the same it would die right after work (about 8-9 hours) with light use the phone easily could last probably a while longer. Didn't really notice today will have to check tomorrow, used the cam alot, did ALOT of playing around on the phone, but had it on and off the charger. I"ll test it out tomorrow taking it off the charger when I wake up and using it as if it was a normal day, see how that pans out, however with performance seeming better, animations smoother and less lag, I wouldn't doubt the battery being better either. Did they implement the gpu? If not, would that increase performance and battery even more?
    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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    I notice very good battery life today with my pre as well! I really hope that this improvment in battery life remains over time and not just a day or so after updating to 1.4.
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    keep it up palm!!!!!!!!!
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    that's fantasic news.
    I'm a heavy user and don't
    have time for weak batteries.
    that's why I went and got this
    I'd love to go back to the original
    and get a stone.

    I doubt it can handle me.
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    my phone lasted all day yesterday with aim on... i couldnt believe it..
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    20 mins with my screen on and with wifi on no idle time browsing web and made about two 3 minute videos and my pre has lost only 2% battery I'm shocked I shud have seen at least 10 % drop, with such usage hell I'm typing this from my pre as I speak...

    thanks palm for the amazing batterylife now!
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    I got 9 hours of minimal use last night and didn't even drop 5%, prior to 1.4 if I left it to idle for 9 hours I'd drop by almost 20%... I'm flabbergasted.
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    good job on battery life!
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