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    Normally, my Pre does a quick 2 blinks every couple of seconds when I have a notification. But once or twice, it has done a longer one blink (which I like more). Is there something I have done to change this or what not? Anything information would be helpful.
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    Just from observing mine I think 2 blinks is email while long blinks are everything else. Although I'm probably wrong.
    It wasn't me officer, I swear.
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    the original patch did just one long blink, maybe it's just using that as well?
    I dunno, I haven't had any issues regarding that.
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    I miss the pulsing notification. Can I have a patch for that?
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    I've noticed that if i have missed call it blinks slowly, then if you don't unlock and get a text or missed call, it blinks faster, i've waited a while and it gets no faster than the two blinks, so i think the two blinks means you have multiplile notifications
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    double blink is for your email. they made it this way i guess so say you set your email from your boss which is critical.. that double blink looks more like an sos.. like get on that stuff now!! but the single long blink is more like... oh snap my boy called me and im all hammered on the couch. i think its well thought. lets customize the blinks next. they need to throw in some diff lenses around that bulb. blue blnks for text. red blinks for email from your boss.. darker blinks for like somebody all shady calling. hahah
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    wait maybe double is for multiple.. damn im in qa too. i need to test this. let me get all drunk and start writing some test scripts. hahah. lil red bull and vokda anyone.

    btw i see all these complaint threads.. where is the official.. wholy crap the fade ins and the interlays and smoothness of the new card system is awesome thread? anyone. seriously this phone is now officially a full blown contender.

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