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    Ok, I understand the issues with updating Preware and some patches and am completely ok with that. Hell, 15 of 19 patches were working right out of the gate. Those guys are doing this stuff for free so give them a weekend off for heck sake. The rest of my phone works AWSOME!! No issues with recording, or sending video. Recorded a 18 second test vid and texted it to my wife on her Centro. It was to big for Sprint picturemail so we forwarded it to her email and it worked fine. I emailed it to three of my email addresses, Comcast, Gmail, and Live and it went through and loaded fine. I uploaded the video to Facebook with out any problems. My overall speed on the phone is faster, web browser is fine as long as I don't have the 'multimod' installed (tried that a couple of times, and installed, no browsing, deleated, browsing is fine I am sure they will fix it later.) Not sure why my update experience is always so good. All I do is folow instructions and it seems to go well. All of my apps work, downloaded a couple of free ones just to make sure and they are good to go. Memos are all there, contacts work and calendar. Love the new phone call list features! Anything else? Just thought I would start a positive thread because there seems to be so much complaining and negativity going on. Long Live the PRE!!!!!
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    Mine is working awesome. You have to just remember that this is a forum where for the most part people come to for resolutions to their problems. As such, even though there are hundreds of thousands of webos phones, with majority of them updating flawlessly, the minority of people with issues is still going to be a large group of people. As such, the forum is going pretty wild at the moment.
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    I am having no issues, but I am going to test extensively tonight, youtube, mms the things that the few people are complaining about.
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    Knock on wood....all fine here....liking my Pre better after each software upgrade!
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    no problems here.everything works great
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    Mine is working great. Battery calibration and drain rate is still stabilizing but
    I know it'll be fine in a day or two.

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    Satisfied people don't make as much noise as unsatisfied people, because, well, they're satisfied. I'm sure many people have no issues. It's just that when people complain, they tend to do it loudly and often and in packs.
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    It is good to hear I am not the only one. I figured I wasn't but those with problems are "It's just that when people complain, they tend to do it loudly and often and in packs." and I wanted at least one thread for those of us without issues. Now for the 65k quesion.... Why do you think these people are having problems? Are they just not following directions in the updates, being impatient and pulling the battery when they shouldn't, or what?
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    I am having no issues with this update, just like every other update. Patches all worked great, no preware issues and still on the same pre from launch day. Can't be happier.
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    It's like falling in love again! Eppocrates and such a huge update in the same weekend .... With flash to soon follow .... Excuse me, I'm going to buy some diapers...
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    Alot of people (including myself) are not having problems, and are happy with the 1.4 update, it's mostly the unhappy people that post their problems, just a fact of life of forums. Thanks for the positive post.
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    no problems here either really. The battery life hasn't improved much (if at all), but everything else is great.
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    1 phone is perfect, other just had to doctor - totally random. Had just about identical stuff on both.
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    3 Pre's in the family and the only issues are of the emotional kind
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    No major problems. I had to use WOSQI to remove the stuck "Match State to Area Code" patch and my videos are too large to view via mms, but the AUPT-3 worked well. I am just eager for all of the patches to be updated!
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    No problems here so far as well. For each update I've gone through (since 1.2) I haven't uninstalled any patches before doing the update, and so far so good.
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    No major issues. I changed the dialer background, with the new format parts of it are still green. As soon as I get the call duration, match state to area code, named pages and pdf redux back I'm all set. The normal timestamp wasn't available so I'm using the fancy blue one until that is updated. Sprint Nav opens as the default. I haven't uploaded any videos, but I made a short one and mailed it to gmail and aol, mp4 opens fine with quicktime. This update came out right after I went to bed last night. I installed it before going to work, but I'm just now getting a chance to look at it and go through the forum.
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    1.4 cured my Youtube neglect. I uploaded 11 videos in the past 48 hours.
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    Good to hear Jay, still not having problems here, and am up to 32 patches, 60+ apps, and now teh 800 MHz overclocking! Loving life with the Pre!!
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    I havent had any issues and am always amazed at how cool this phone is. And the devs that work to make it better set the Webos experience apart from any platform.
    Bunches of tweaks, patches, apps and overclocking and not a hitch!
    Looking forward to Palm's next WebOs device.

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