Hi all,

V gave me a Wireless Network Extender for FREE! It works great. Without the Wireless Network Extender usually I get no bars at all, rarely I get only one bar, in my entire house. Of course without the extender, you cannot make or recieve a call at all!

Now with theWireless Network Extender I get the maxium number of bars anywhere in my house, calls are crystal clear, (even with two V's phones both placing calls at the same time)!

Ok here are my Questions:
(It looks as if I will be dropping V for Sprint in Oct. when my contract is up. This b/c no matter how you slice it Sprint is giving a much better deal on pricing, plus from what ever I read, the newest Spint Palm phone will be out, the C40).

Sprint's coverage in my home is just as bad as V's and I know I will have to have an Air Rave.

1. With V, you get to kep the network extender, which is fine since my FANTASTIC g/f's phone is going to stay with V and my Mom's phone will also stay with V. (Since my Mom lives with me in my house), and my g/f is so often here, we will need it for their calls.

What happens when you use a Sprint phone in the house? (After all, Sprint and V use the same phone technology to start off with and you can roam on V's sustem when you are with Sprint).

2. If you cannot use V's network extender, for Sprint, can I have two competing units in the same house? (of course I will not have them side by side. I can always plug the Air Rave in the second of my two routers, which is the same router that the V unit is pluged into, (but Network Extender has a 50' CAT 5 cord and the wire is snaked into the other side of the house).

Thanks, Jay

PS I am so sorry to have made this so wordy, however, I wanted to give as clear a pic as possible!