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    WiFi is nearly useless to me without internet proxy support!!!

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    what does wifi with proxy do? I don't know much about these things
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    he means being able to put in a internet proxy for the browser so that if he is in corporate networks he can surf using their network.
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    the only way it would be useless is if you had to force navigation through a proxy. Otherwise if a proxy was set up right you would go through it without having to set it up in the device.

    The corporate network I use has a seemless proxy where all users are forced to go through a proxy, but don't know they are.
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    Well, I suppose ours isn't set up "right" by your standards because whether I'm on my laptop or my phone, being connect to the network isn't of any use without configuring the browser to use the proxy. All of the modern desktop browsers have this functionality, but not my lowly Pre.

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