OK, here goes, I have been trying to get rid of this multi mod problem for hours because nothing was working..I tried to reinstall and uninstall multi mod patch..I tried Preware and WOSQI, I did EPR already but all the patches seemed to still be on the phone however no longer registered with Preware or WOSQI. I was a about ready to Doctor this thing, so I started moving pics, music, videos off of the phone and onto my pc so I could start WebOSDoctor. Anyway, I figured what they heck lets go to "reset options" to see if there is anything there to avoid using the doctor. I tried "Erase USB Drive"...once the phone restarted, i reconnected to it to the pc to to see if it made any difference...BINGO! WOSQI saw every patch that had previously shown as unregistered after I used EPR. Multi Mod was listed, I removed it and was able to connect to the internet. I hope this helps some of you out there.