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    So I was wondering. Does anyone know how many touch sensors are on the Pre compared to the Iphone.

    My next question - Is the reason why the Iphone is so responsive to touch because of the touch sensors on the phone? I was playing with my buddies Iphone today and I must say, it's much more responsive and fluid than the palm pre. I own a pre, have owned one since end of July '09. I'll never turn away my device with WebOS for anything. But I'd like to know if the reason the Pre isn't as fluid and responsive as the Iphone is because of the touch sensors on the device's. You can't deny, the Iphone is so much more fluid than the Pre. But the Iphone is no match against the Pre's OS. end of story...

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    I was wondering this too.
    It feels like Iphone has more touch areas for accuracy.

    I know the Ipad has a lot of sensors for major accuracy.

    The Pre might not have that many, or I think the lag makes it seem that way.
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    Right. I mean, if that's the case, it's something I came to accept.

    Like, on the iphone, you can touch an area and flick your finger ever so slightly. I'm talking like touch, move your finger a mm and lift it off the screen. A very short and subtle flick.... the app moves based off that.

    On the palm pre, I tried the same thing, and it either didn't respond or the phone thought I was just tapping on something and it reacted to that in turn...

    So, I think people on here arguing about the phone being slow and sluggish... Well, I don't think the palm pre is slow and sluggish. I mean, it is by a little bit until further optimized, but I think the issue is the touch sensor area... The palm pre might have 6 or 8 where as the iphone has 15 in a single column.

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    I'm pretty sure the iPhone has the most sensitive

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