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    did 1.4 fix the calendar issues? i hardly use my calendar, but i have used it enough to notice a definite increase in performance
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    For me, the only issue that's really still left with the calendar is creating events. There really needs to be a better date picker type setup, because 1) it requires a lot of scrolling, and 2) there's no way of seeing what day of the week that a day is.

    #2 is the bigger issue to me. Sure, you can scroll through the calendar, but the date picker should really show that information.
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    I'm personally wishing for a better week view where I can somehow see the event in the week view. And we do need a better way to pick time and date, its just such a pain. And multiple reminders would be nice, so I can set an 1 hour reminder, then a 30 minute one and etc. Hmm.. I can't complain too much otherwise. It syncs with my Google and its pretty snappy now.
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    it's definitely much faster. Editing event is so much more "instant".
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    I had a couple of events that were showing up an hour off from when they were entered in to google calnedar. After the update, they seem to be showing properly so I am happy.

    I love the calendar sync on this phone. My wife and I both have pre's. I have them set to sign in to the same google account. If either one of us puts something on one of the calendars, it shows up on the other phone. Great for cooordinating a family of 5. We share contacts the same way.
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    I chose needs improvement because there's still no on-device search feature. I really would like to be able to search my calendar without having to rely on the Google Calendar Search app.

    Otherwise I love the calendar app.
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    Yahoo US holidays are one day late, still.
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    i wish it had a list view so i can see my next few appointments easily
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    Quote Originally Posted by PRE_LUVER View Post
    i wish it had a list view so i can see my next few appointments easily
    I agree this should be native functionality, but check out Agenda in homebrew. It works great.
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    The one thing I would really like to see is a way to view all-day events in the month view in a format that doesn't obscure everything else for that day (i.e. timed events).
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    still having issues with events syncing correctly, especially if they are beyond 2 months from now (could just be a coincidence but nothing beyond April 30th shows up in the Pre calendar even though it's in my yahoo calendar online.)
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    would be nice to see my facebook bdays... And all day events in month view..
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    Quote Originally Posted by BDoG76 View Post
    would be nice to see my facebook bdays... And all day events in month view..
    There's a patch for #2, and #1 can be easily solved through a Facebook app:

    Login | Facebook

    Use that to create an iCal file of your contacts' birthdays, and use "Add URL" to add that to Google Calendar.
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    well i think that the calendar in web os is still evolving to fit everyones needs. i'm sure by 2.0 it will be great for everyone.
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    My first experience post 1.4 was pulling up an Exchange meeting, and it took forever for it to fill in the fields after pulling up the display form. I closed it and pulled it back up and it was the same. Don't know if it was due to the # of participants, parsing to determine whether the location was an address or a phone #, or what, but it was bad (though, probably not any worse than it has been when it was at its worst). Pulling up other appointments was much faster, so I'll chalk it up to something about that appointment. Haven't seen any other differences good or bad other than that.

    +1 on needing better event entry and ability to invite participants. I don't schedule most things on my phone, but it would be nice to be able to do when I want to.

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