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    I am having no prob emailing,uploading,,mms, it's all great and fast.
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    Can't send video any way. What's the problem????? No matter how short I make them I get a x on the picture or a sending error message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helidos View Post
    Maybe some years ago and what your provider allows but 10mb is no longer the high end when it comes to size.... I emails 15-20 mb files all the time from a gmail accont to an exchange account..

    As for the limitations if palm left it open everyone would be *****ing OMG palm was not smart enough to limit videos.. So they add a built in share feature of the recorder to limit it so it abides by carrier specific mms restrictions and so the person receiving the video does not have to spend 2 hours downloading it over 2g...

    If you want to send big videos fire up a new email message and attach it the normal way.
    Depends on the provider and method. Verizon fios will let you send up to 20 MB via a mail client like outlook or outlook express, but if you use their webmail via the website, 8 MB is the max.
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    Dude calm the hell down!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdod View Post
    When I clicked the icon to send it out, the email choice read "trim and share via email".
    Might I suggest it defaults to always offering to trim before sending in an effort to be "helpful" to both us and the carriers? There are a lot of reasons I can figure (upload time being first) that they'd suggest shortening clips before sending them.

    And yeah, a lot of providers have an MMS video size limit.

    Anyhow, I dunno. Haven't played with an upload yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jyaden24 View Post
    But still why do we have to short the vid to send through an email?
    talk to your email provider
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    i know i tried sending a short (9 sec) video thru mms to my sister who is on t-mobile, it went thru then sprint sent me a message saying she might not get it due to her carrier limititations, lo and behold she got no video! So at least we are not that restricted i mean it could be worse
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