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    after1.4 WEBOS Quick Install is not working... it does load apps.... is there a new one for 1.4???? LINK PLEASE!!!!
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    Doesnt work for me either. When I try go to tweaks it says components missing, select yes to get the missing components and then I get nothing. It doesnt take me to tweaks at all.
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    I'm in the same boat. I tried and nothing. Will wait until Jason sees this and reacts. But I might be doctoring tomorrow back to Then updating again. We shall see.
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    ^^^^ I doctored my Pre and still nothing
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    wosqi does work with 1.4.

    may need to reboot computer (or restart novacom) as well as re-enable devmode
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    WebOS QI 3.02 is working fine for me in 1.4.
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    wosqi does work with 1.4. Ya may need to re-enable devmode and reset your comp
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    OK, finally got Preware installed and working!

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