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    is there a new link for PREWARE? after 1.4 i have no preware...
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    I thougt I was the only one! I still have it, but it doesn't load; that's the good news! Then I get a "memory critical, too many cards open" message, even though Preware is the only thing running; that's the next best news. Then my Pre completely locks up. I've opened up Preware and had to yank the battery 3 times in the last 20 minutes because of what it's doing to my Pre. Needless to say, I will NOT be sticking with any patches or auto-update crap for the next OS update. I'm only trying to get it open right now to ditch everything i've installed with it.
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    right after installing 1.4 I updated all the patches I could and things got back to normal.

    the auto update tech is not crap. It was useful for the majority.

    I think their servers were hammered and your pre may be stuck trying to execute a script. Only a guess...
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    I'm having the same problem... Glad I'm not the only one. After the update, Preware came up once or twice, enough for me to re-install my theme, but now it just locks up the phone until it resets itself. I get the memory critical message as well. Pretty annoying.. Hopefully someone can jump in here with some answers..
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    Preware works fine on 1.4. You just need to be patient because the preware servers are getting hammed. Sheesh.
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    yea i get getting memory critical and i thought my pre was i doctored..and the 1.4 doctor wiped everything except my music and pictures...all homebrew and patches were gone...sheesh.,,i wish i had read this thread
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    I installed the mutli mod patch and could not use the net, I couldnt un-install it either. I just had to run the webos dr. What a pain in the ****. A fluke ??
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    i was having a lot of difficulty getting my Preware to work there for a bit after updating to 1.4. I deleted and installed it a few times even. But then I realized that the servers were probably overworked and on top of that I am sure the people at Internalz are trying to do even more work on it. After letting it sit for a few hours. Everything just started working. I like the auto update technology, but I think that it needs to be a little easier to use and whatnot.
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    i don't know about the servers being busy...but right now preware leaks memory like a woman's slovakian goalie...until i get "sorry, too many cards" and have to pull the battery.

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