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    I went into sprint because my phone wont charge half the time, so the tech tells me that the body glove case i bought puts pressure on the charging housing when sliding, so it messed up my charging and they did not want to give me a replacement until i mentioned i bought the case from them .. they quickly ordered me a new pre but he said it happens with alot of protective cases because of the sliding motion or something.. so beware
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    We really need more specifics than that, do you mean using the slider when the phone is plugged into the charger?

    I've used this case for 5 months with no problems but if you try to FORCE the slider open with almost any case when charging it will apply alot of pressure to the housing.

    Use common sense people.
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    Hurm, interesting. The problem I had is I nearly snapped mine in half with one of the clip on hard cases. It was a royal pain in my *** to get off with my fingers.

    Oh but get this, the same snap on I can barely take off myself. I dropped it on the pavement and the front plat comes flying off and now my pre has a chip in. *** was the point of the hard shell if that happens when I drop it.


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