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    So far my Pre has frozen 5 times while using various aspects of the video camera app.

    1 - Tapped on Edit, frozen.

    2 - Tapped on upload to Facebook, frozen.

    3 - Tapped on edit, cut clip, then frozen.

    4 - Upload to facebook, frozen.

    5 - Hit stop on my video and it froze.

    Has anyone else seen this? It will work after pulling the battery, so I have a work around. It just isn't the way it should work.
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    I'd trying doctoring the phone and if that doesn't help, take the phone in for a refurbed one. Good luck!
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    My intent is to see if this exists for more people than me. I already know what to do to fix it, but if this is a bug for more than just a passing thing, it should be documented.

    Thanks for the input though.
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    that's funny but considering palm pre anything possible,return the device and see what happen with the refurbish one. Good luck.
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    Well, mine did not freeze my Pre, but I just experienced a "gray screen of death" for the camera app. Was recording a vid, hit the stop but and it went into the rotating circle and never came out.

    When restarting the camera app all I would see is a gray screen, that would occasionally flash to white. Did a luna restart -- no luck. Doing a full restart of the phone while I type this.

    EDIT: Restarting did the trick, did not have to pull the battery.
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    My main problem is the GSOD (gray screen of death) as well. Camera app messes up, and restarting the camera app brings up a gray screen indefinitely. A full restart is required to get the camera to 'work' again.

    This is my primary (maybe my only?) issue with 1.4 -- other than this, I love it so far.

    Has this already been reported to Palm? I'd rather comment on an existing Palm thread/case than open a duplicate one if one already exists.


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