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    when I play it no probs but when I quit or slide it up it restarts my phone please help ?
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    can I have some help please pretty please
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    same thing...have a ticket in with kalem soft. i assume they will update. tried uninstall/reinstall with no luck.
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    thanks my friend
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    probably just using a **** load of memory so when you close it luna has to restart to keep the UI running
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    any fixes or jus wait it out ?
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    i guess using jstop to free up some memory could help
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    I have the same problem, it started after i updated to Web OS 1.4. i also checked in with a friend and his is doing it too. i tried running JSTop and it made no difference, the games run fine but the moment you quit a game the pre does a luna restart. I also ran the service enabler and it didn't help either, I think we are just going to have to wait this one out and see if we get an update soon, I have a service ticket out for it too.

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