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    Quote Originally Posted by RickNY View Post
    That's great. As I'm sure you are aware, the Ford SYNC system isn't available on my Frontier
    Buy an F-150 then.
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    every one say how awesome it is to mess with the VZW people.
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    Definate speed increase with my pre. Some minor issues with patches that I resolved but all said and done, I like my Web OS even more (wish I could say the same for hardware). I do miss my mobile hot spot feature, hopefully it will be available again soon. When's the next update? I want to be able to print to my wi-fi printer. Good luck for those of you still waiting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazinkaiser View Post
    Vote: NO
    Exchange Security Policy Error did not get fixed.
    Palm wonders why their stock units are down?
    Why are they selling more in Germany?
    John, easy answer... sell more unlocked phones (with world mode 3g), cater the business users who are tired of RIM, make it affordable (but still make a margin from it), make it available to the world, forget the carriers, go direct!!!!
    Totaly agree. Palm is the best phone for the money. I bought my german unlocked pre for 350 and was used for one week only by the original buyer. iPhone in Portugal costs 600, same as Nokia n900 and such. No one can beat Palm's price. All of my friends like it but they always say "Where can I buy it? Is not available in a portuguese store? too bad, not for me."
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    I miss running at 800mhz but other than that its great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by howser87 View Post
    Please add a third option "Verizon sucks"

    Thats my vote
    Totally agreed... Come on Verizon. We deserve better than that!!!! Can you hear me now????
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    Yes. Video and updated phone/call recordkeeping is enough for me to be happy. if it improves the battery life noticeably, that'll be icing on the cake.
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    I am with you!!! Come on Verizon!!! Please hear us now!!!
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    YES!! It's like a whole new phone! I love pre and I love Sprint. Thank you both.
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    just hit verizon...downloading now...
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    I'm new to the world of Pre, but I'd like to think "yes". I think it'll especially be worth the wait once the Flash 10.1 plug-in is available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by howser87 View Post
    Please add a third option "Verizon sucks"

    Thats my vote
    Then why not switch carriers?????
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    hell yea, video recording plus battery improvements and I personally like the "splash screens"
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    plus other stuff
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    Palm should be ashamed of themselves for calling this an "update". It was just another sad, jacked up patch.
    The Saint
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    Just had over 18 hours with this new update and the improvements are very worth the wait!!! speed, video, call log and the transition with loading apps, speed of apps improved testing battery life. I feel as though battery life improved!! Great job palm
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    I updated my Pixi Plus late last night and this thing rocks. I have no Preware, patches, etc. Everything seems much faster now -- launching Calendar, Contacts and Mail seem like at least half the time. Battery seems to be much better as well. I also like the video camera with YouTube uploads, and all the little things like blink notification. In addition, the "Too many cards open" condition seems to be gone now.
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    Video is finally here!

    Still waiting for a way to search the Calendar...
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