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    I'm just sad with the worst speeds when opening apps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jephdood View Post
    Maybe Pre owners are seeing a speed diff, but on my Pixi scrolling and overall navigation is definitely NOT as good. Pretty choppy, actually.

    It's a stock device.

    Just powered it off and will give it a 'rest' for 5 mins.

    Perhaps I should trade in for a Pre, being only 3 weeks in to our contract.
    Don't just turn it off. Reboot it.
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    without doubt
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    well worth it
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    Vote: NO
    Exchange Security Policy Error did not get fixed.
    Palm wonders why their stock units are down?
    Why are they selling more in Germany?
    John, easy answer... sell more unlocked phones (with world mode 3g), cater the business users who are tired of RIM, make it affordable (but still make a margin from it), make it available to the world, forget the carriers, go direct!!!!
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    I agree completely. I don't want to see Palm going under but they are making some iffy decisions as of late and I'm getting worried a little.
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    Mexico here, still stuck at

    Waiting for either the OTA update or Sprints webOSDoctor for 1.4.
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    At 1st I was happy but after a few hours out of the house, I am unsatisfied now. My phone crashed once so far today while trying to run Preware. Also I just recorded a video & it won't play at all when I try to watch it. Also the speed is still the same but the animation makes it look better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jddj38 View Post
    I think thats what made it exciting because you didn't know for sure when it was going to hit. And if you were one of those who stayed up and saw the forums light up when it did that even made it more exciting. I was excited when i hit the update button and it said 1.4 now available .
    Yeah, it was nice socializing with fellow Pretards! I stayed up till 12:30am Friday morning and then 1am this morning. When I woke up at 5am, I was happy to see 1.4, but also sleepy. I managed to still start the process for my wife and I and finished it by 6am. I texted others to let them know and went back to sleep!
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    still waiting for 1.4 here in Canada on stupid bell-canada...and playing free artic slide because we still don't have paid apps either....this really sucks...please palm...give us some lovin ....and tell bell to pull the switch
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    definitely worth, both thumbs up!!!!!
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    I might be getting the HTC Hero or something else because I had enough. I like to show off but I am disappointed. I can't load my camera, videos & pix. The speed is the same with animation to keep you occupied while apps load. If every loaded in under 1 second like the Iphone then the Palm Pre would be a Iphone killer but they better get that part right with the next device they release.
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    As is getting typical with these WebOS updates -- I'm not happy.. I've owned the phone since Day 1 on Sprint.. Every update that comes out seems to a) leave prior bugs unfixed and b) introduces new bugs that are more annoying.. The phone still doesn't pair properly with Nissan/Infiniti Bluetooth systems, although they had it fixed in 1.2.1, but then broke it in releases following.. IMAP IDLE has been broken for the past two releases, leaving me to disable email notifications because they never go away on their own when I read the messages on another client.. There still is no WiFi proxy support, leaving me unable to access WiFi when I am at my workplace.. Random volume indicators popping up for no apparent reason..

    Every new release is the same -- so much anticipation that becomes anti-climatic when you realize that the things you were hoping would be fixed were not -- and then you have new problems on top of the old ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glamisfanatic View Post
    No...Why? The phone should have had ALL of these features when it came out.
    Just think of it this way, if it had these features when it came out, it would cost a lot more than it did.
    We get this update for FREE.
    So stop whining and deal with it, be glad you have it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    Mexico here, still stuck at

    Waiting for either the OTA update or Sprints webOSDoctor for 1.4.
    WebOS Doctor 1.4 - Sprint

    There ya go.
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    I don't know what update you guys got but the one I got just came with a bunch of lag and unresponsiveness
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickNY View Post
    The phone still doesn't pair properly with Nissan/Infiniti Bluetooth systems.
    Works fine with Ford SYNC.
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    besides me not getting my phone back on and froze in reboot and then messenger is gone web broswer doesnt work anymore and no mobile hot spot or my tether and i need to get a new pre i guess it was worth it. really worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pioneer View Post
    Works fine with Ford SYNC.
    That's great. As I'm sure you are aware, the Ford SYNC system isn't available on my Frontier

    My Blackberry Tour works perfect with the Nissan. And as I stated, it worked flawlessly in 1.2.1 (didn't work properly prior), and the following release broke it again (1.3.1?). I should clarify -- it does pair, but the Pre refuses to send over the phonebook -- well, it does -- but only 2 entries.
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    i didnt 10 wedos doctors they didnt help orange symbol and r key made phone work but its not working prober. ya awesome update lol
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