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    I'm on verizon, and I'm used to delivery notifications (not sure if its the same on sprint). I'm talking about the little D next to the text when the other handset receives it. I heard this wasn't on the pre (or pre plus). Is there a patch i could get for it?
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    I think our deliver notifications is if the text is not greyed out. . . I don't think that d meant that the other handset successfully received it but more like ur handset successfully sent it. Once it leaves ur phone you have no control over what happens to that sms.
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    no on verizon, the D means it was delivered to the handset (but not necessarily read by the other person) It does not mean it was sent. It means delivered. This has been a standard feature on every phone i've had. I'm getting the pre plus this week, I think i'm gonna miss this

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