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    Now I'm talking about the stock app, anyone notice any improvements when it comes to performance?
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    Maybe a hair faster, but mostly no improvement.
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    I honestly think the music is improved. Better sound to me.
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    The animations from one screen to another are much faster. Everything else is still slow as ****, though. Also, even if you click something, if all your album art hasn't loaded, it won't register (most noticeable for me on the playlists screen).
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    About the same. Broke Music Remix....
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    Seems generally faster for me. Was able to test scrolling back and forth between various songs and they all started playing immediately. The slider bar performance was impressive as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cashen View Post
    About the same. Broke Music Remix....
    In what way? Mine still works perfectly (and faster to boot!)
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    Seems the same but I don't use it much. I use Remix and it's still working like a champ for me.

    There is also a remix update that was made available today (not sure if it has to do with 1.4 but mine was working before the avail update).
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    huge improvement on my machine at least. Before 1.4 whenever I'd run any kind of music on the device (music, music remix, pandora, or slacker) the rest of the machine would slow to a crawl. With music playing I could never run more then 3 apps at once. Now I have 5 open and the machine is still very responsive. I'm impressed. I wrote this on my pre on the full site,with the phone, text messaging, engadget, and solitaire pages running. All the while the beautiful sound of queem is playing my tunes and everything is liquid smooth. Lets see an iphone do that stock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cashen View Post
    About the same. Broke Music Remix....
    Mine was too. I deleted and perfectly again.
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    The update broke more than just music remix for me, I spent 3 hours removing and reinstalling things with preware and such...Blah. But I am noticing a bit of peppiness coming from the default music player now...

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