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    So my LED notification blinks twice when i get something :P
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    You got mail! (email to be exact)
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    I believe it blinks twice for texts, once for emails so you can differentiate at a quick glance. Very useful, actually...
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    For mine it blinks twice if I have more than one notification.
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    ah- I see

    I never understood the twice blink

    thanks gabbott
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    For me it seems to be one steady glow, then it slowly fades away... I'm not seeing the double blink.

    Edit: I've sent test emails and text messages... The notification looks the same to me.
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    maybe you had the led patch and forgot to remove it??
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    it blinks twice when you have email and it blinks once for txt and other notifications.
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    are you getting led notification of missed calls?

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