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    after webos 1.4 none of my web-using apps are working...apps like web, facebook, flixter, etc. get stuck in the poading process..any suggestion to what to do and what caused this??
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    I just started having this problem as well. Every time I tap on an icon nothing happens. When I type in a URL it just goes to a white screen. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    it's the multi mod patch
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    happened to me earlier when I installed multi mod patch. Removed it with webosquick instal and back to normal hope this helps
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    +1 Multi mod patch, I was looking for someone with the same problem as me
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    Me too...uninstalled Multi Mod and it fixed the problem. Any word on a new Multi Mod patch?
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    I've noticed this first off. Been to a funeral all day and only just had time to upgrade this morning. No time to fool with seeing if patches did ok.
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    sorry man...all my web apps work perfect
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    Add me to that list also. All my bookmarks in the web browser became unresponsive.
    Multi mod patch was the cause, after I removed the patch, the browser returned to normal!
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    all off my bookmarks are just plain gone, and I can't re add them. I only have one patch the unhide devmode. What can I do?
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    it worked..thanks..but are they going to fix that patch..i use it a lot and would like to keep downloading music from my phone
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    possible browser fix for those still having problems:
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    ditto...uninstall worked.
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    Awesome im glad i found this i was getting ****ed. Im gonna try this right now......
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    Woohoo killed the multimod and it worked like a charm guess ill wait till thats fixed before re adding it Thanks guys!!

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