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    whats the deal with the audio on the playback of the video being so low? is there a volume bug ... everything else works fine, ringers, notifications, pandora etc .. the volume is fine ...

    All the way up with video and its very very low, maybe i made the video with audio on mute, would that do it or audio at lowest setting during recording?
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    Yeah I noticed that it's really low when playing it back over your phone, but if you upload it to your PC/Youtube/FB, it's loud and clear.
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    I noticed its louder on the side of the screen then the side of the camera ( for sounds it picks up) And I do not mean a little difference its pretty huge to my ears.
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    After experimenting, I noticed the wired headset, which comes with the phone, can be used as an external microphone. It's a nuisance, but pretty much all phones have this issue of the person holding the phone is much louder than the subject. Regardless, it is the volume of the playback which is considerably lower than other apps, i.e. music player. I did a comparison with the volume set to the loudest. Shouldn't the video playback app use the same volume settings as the music player, Sprint TV, etc.? Does anyone know where in the code this may be? I've scoured the files and don't see anything obvious.

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