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    I am in Germany on E-Plus and currently downloading 1.4 onto a German O2 GSM Pre.
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    Same here!

    Just started the download on my unlocked German Pre running on "Drei" in Austria

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    i'm in UAE dubai, qwerz pre , and i just completed the upgrade.

    very nice and smooth new OS. Greetz to palm.

    -i hoped for arabic support, but it didn't happen in this update.
    -app catalog is still not active, can't get any apps (free, nor paid).

    i guess our hope will be in the patches and workarounds :-)
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    I updated my Palm Pre to WebOS 1.4 this morning. I am in Hong Kong.

    App Catalog still works and it is still in beta. I only see 314 apps.

    No free games like Need for Speed, Monopoly etc.

    I thought Flash was supposed to be available in this update.

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