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    I found / have an issue with YouTube and webOS 1.4 after I delete a video on YouTube.
    What I did: I captured a video with the new function in 1.4. After that I uploaded this video over the share button to YouTube.
    No problems! But then I deleted the video on YouTube with my Mac.
    After that i cannot upload the video with my Pre again. Because my Pre think the Video is still online. Its not possible to delete the shortcut to YouTube in the webOS Video App.
    Means webOS doesn't sync the uploaded videos on YouTube to look if is still online or already deleted.
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    Try renaming the video.
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    Thanks for the tip, but to late. Maybe next time.
    Because my way works also. I have edited the video and cut out one second.
    After the click on the Apply Button, a complete new version of this video was created.

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