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    I had the same issue, I recorded a video this morning. And recorded second one an hour ago, and when I opened the videos app, it showed the second video only, the first one gone. Tried to record another one and it overwrote the second one!! Tried again after sometime (4th time) after changing the title and description of the 3rd one and now it seems to be working fine. I deleted all the test recordings and started from the beginning to re-test again. Now it looks ok, no over writing.

    May be some glitch in the initial stage of the video recording. Hope this should not occur later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmpre06062009 View Post
    Every time I record a new video, the old video gets deleted. At least i don't see them in video rolls. The camera roll saves all the pictures and doesn't overwrite the old one.

    Is there a way to save the old videos? do you need to move to another location before recording a new one? Or is this a bug with the video capture app?

    I have no issues with this..have recorded several videos.. You do know video rolls are under there on icon and not the photo roll one dont you?
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    Got all my video so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpolism View Post
    All of my video's were about 20-30 seconds long. And I actually do not have patches on this current pre. I got a refurb about 4 days before 1.4 was released since my original one crapped out. Any ideas?
    I tried a few videos now and they were all saved...go figure....i didn't give any names or description
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmpre06062009 View Post
    I tried a few videos now and they were all saved...go figure....i didn't give any names or description
    I have been testing it the last 20 minutes. The only luck i've had with saving them is to change/add a description. And I was able to save the last 2 videos.

    By the way, this is a off topic question, but how do I eject the phone from the computer after i've connected through USB. I eject it on the computer, but the phone still has the USB connector on the whole screen. When I disconnected my pre after safely removing it on my computer, my pre said files had been deleted but had been recovered. Anyway, is there a way to end the USB mode from the phone rather than the computer?
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    There has been an overwrite issue like this with still photos on the Pre, too. I don't know if 1.4 fixed that issue or not. I ran into that issue with still photos. I've only tested the video feature a couple of times and both videos showed on the movie roll, so haven't had the issue (yet). I'm not that big on movie-taking, but was ticked when I discovered I'd lost some photos the other week!
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    Even after changing the file name and adding a description, the last video is the only one that shows.

    Also when i connect to the PC as a USB drive there is no video roll folder showing. All others, photos, music, wallpapers and such are there but no video folder.
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    I did some more tests yesterday, after having lost the first view videos and really seems that this bug disappears after the initial first few recordings. Up to now I did not loose any more clips. IŽll keep an eye on that, but it kinda seems fixed no by itself.

    @r1nald: YouŽll find your recorded videos in media/internal/DCIM/100PALM there is no specific extra folder for the video recordings. ItŽs just using the photos folder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cooper1010 View Post
    I'm not having this problem. All the videos I have taken are in the roll.
    Ya, Im not having this issue either.. many OTHER issues, but not this one.

    Strange how inconsistant this all is.

    It names the files, at least in video roll view, with the date it was taking, so if you take a bunch on the same day, they all have the same name. The only difference is the video length.

    In the file system the files are named with the same naming convention as images, but have the extension of .mp4

    Lots of little issues with this whole video addition.

    I really do love having the video, and dont like to complain, but for as long as it took Palm to release this, you would have thought they had the Beta testing locked down pretty tight... **but you would be wrong huh**
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    Figured Id ask here instead of making a new thread and searching 100000 post on the new video we can have now -

    How long of a video can you record ???? TIA~
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