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    This is a opinon post please comment as such whether you hate it or love it all opinons mattter

    Addictions come in all forms.As displayed by the rampant some times insane amounts of hysteria around update time. I am no saint myself, i can probably account for about a half a million page views since the 15th.I just would like to hear others story's of pre and/or pixie addiction. Was it stopping it the middle of a romantic session to hit the update button a couple times at 11:59pm on the 14th. Was it forcing ur child to wear that silly comstume you got them for holloween because you can finally send video to all your iphone friends.It could simpley be putting the update app in your quick laucher for a small period of time(guilty as charged).Nothing is too crazy here if you dont have a story talk about what you have seen or hear though the preverbal third cousin.
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