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    Hello, I have a weird problem, my music player wont play music. When I select the song/podcast, it darkens the selection, but never moves on to the "playing" screen and the song never starts, the music player just freezes.

    Now here is the weird part, it started doing this a month or two ago, but I could just close the music player and try again and it would usually work, then last Monday it just stopped working altogether. I went to the sprint store today after the 1.4 update didn't fix the problem, and they replaced the phone, now I get home with my new phone put some podcasts on it and IT STILL DOESN'T WORK!??????

    So I started with the old phone doing a partial erase, then full erase, then installing 1.4, then getting an entirely different phone, and none of it fixed the problem. My palm profile is the only thing that has stayed the same throughout, but how could that cause this problem???

    What do I do?

    I listen to music/podcasts all day at work and I need the phone to work.

    BTW, pandora still works perfect.
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    i've had that problem for the longest time bro .. i have no clue wut it is either ....
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    I've had this problem for some time also. It started by only playing certain songs. Even if I put it on shuffle, it would just keep shuffling thru the same 5 songs. Now it won't play any.

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