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    Just wanted to see how everyone else was doing, but my battery life since updating this morning has been terrible. Especially when the phone is asleep in my pocket. I charged it up to 100%, made a 5 minute phone call, and half an hour later its at 87%.

    Any thoughts?
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    try restarting your phone. I needed to once after the update.
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    Aside from restarting - they added an option for disabling Wifi when the screen sleeps. Maybe your setting before had that off and it got switched on? I know my battery life prior to 1.3.5 was better because wifi would sleep too. Looking forward to being able to turn that off again...
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    I've actually done that. On two restarts I have only one page of apps. Then I restart or pull the battery and its back to normal.
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    After every update there are "battery life got worse" and "battery life got better" threads. I've never had issues with battery life so I can't say if better or worse.
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    My battery seems to be going longer/stronger after 1.4. So far I am pleased.
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    We haven't had 1.4 long enough to accurately judge if it's better or worse, but mine seems about the same.
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    After an upgrade/doctoring it is sometimes required to let the battery drain to 0 and charge it again, after that the device will show the correct values again.
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    I agree with Pulp, that's been my experience with lithium-ion batteries as well.

    It would be worth checking the wi-fi setting as well though, since that was one of the new features in the patch.

    The new setting is in the Wi-Fi app under Preferences: "Sleep Settings"
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    I hear this after every update
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    how much patching have been doing today? My batter sucks as well but its because of the amount of patching i have been doing to get caught up....had to do a EPR.... Best to do the patching near an outlet!
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    I have been using phone heavily for almost 5 hours w wifi and I am on 60 percent,,what a difference,,so much better.
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    the batterymeter has to be recalibrated after an update. Let the battery completely drain to around 5% and then fully charge again.

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    OK, I know this is odd, from a few different perspectives...

    I have been missing the charger to my Pre for a few months, but I have USB cables in many locations and it has been no big deal. Mainly I charge from my laptop.

    The battery was charged to about 85% before 1.4. I did all of the updating, restarting, etc. with the phone charging from the laptop. The battery has gotten lower and lower and is now down to about 17% and still dropping.

    I have restarted several times. I even turned off all radios (including WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and the phone) and I'm still slowly dropping. It's getting so low that I'm afraid of restarting again, plus, it doesn't seem like it will do anything different then the other 4 or more restarts.

    I now have NOTHING running and only a few patches. (I'm afraid to load PreWare to look which ones exactly)

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    Give it a few days it will get better.
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