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    Just will like to know if anyone one knows what the quality of the video is compared to other phones(e.g. Apple,Android and Blackberry). Is it better,on Par or weaker? Thanks.
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    the quality is the same as all the others it wont replace a real video camera for important recordings
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    The quality of the video is better than any of my older Treo's and Clie's. So I'm really happy with it.
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    Yea I know it wont replace a real camcorder but i just dont want other phone owners saying their video is better. :-) Does anyone have numbers or stats?
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    who cares if they say theirs is better your OS is better
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    I must just be a matter of time before some site posts some comparison videos.
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    I care i want Pre to have better everything. :-D
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    Its gonna be better than my old bb pearl =P

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