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    Anyone else with some lag while sliding between launcher pages with these patches to add to the number of icons showed? For me it seems to lag and stutter a bit.
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    It does it for me whether I have the patch installed or not. Possibly even less so with the patch but I haven't done any real testing of it. Up and down does a bit too, but not as much.
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    I am using the 4x4 v.3 patch and it works great, also using the "wrap pages" patch too.
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    I'be done quite a bit of testing this morning between the patches, and not having them installed, and while at times I get an occasional stutter without, it is a quite a bit worse with the patches on my Sprint pre.
    I've also tried the wrap patch, but that just seems to remove the smooth transition animation between pages. Don't really like the way it looks personally.

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