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    Quote Originally Posted by horadin View Post
    "Video upload encountered an error"

    This is all I get when I try to upload my video to youtube.....
    Don't edit anything about the video. Not even the category. Then it'll go through. (if I tried changing anything, it would give me the same error as you, and this method fixed it for me)
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    My video didn't take long to finish uploading, but now I can't find it on Facebook. How long does it take to show up on your page? I got the notification it had finished uploading, but it is no where to be found. Is there a way to upload it again? The Facebook logo now shows up on my phone on the video, but it is not on Facebook and the option to upload is gone for that particular video.
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    Has anyone edited a video? I did, and now the video won't play or load or anything. I tried synching it to my computer and now it has disappeared off the pre all together, and it won't play on my computer either. I am not the techie in the house, my husband is. Anyone know what could have happened? Is there a way to get the video back? It seems like it is a corrupt file and it won't work. : ( Sorry if I sound stupid, like I said, not the techie in the house. . .
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    I'm having trouble uploading videos now too. It's sooooo dumb. Certain videos have options to upload to youtube or facebook, while some only have 1 or the other. 1 video has neither option.
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