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    When sharing a YouTube video link the link contains "?v=undefined" instead of the actual reference.
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    Here is a screen shot of what the link looks like. As it stands, shared links are useless because they are invalid. Please see attached image.
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    I have this issue as well.
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    If I go to my account on youtube (on the Pre) I can see a list of the videos I have uploaded and when I select one I get the "Could not find that video..." error message. Videos I have uploaded via my PC are found. Only the videos uploaded via the Pre are not found.
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    I had just started a search of the fora to see if anyone else had reported this, as I'm having it too. When you upload the video, it does not have a full URL from YouTube, so the Pre defaults to putting "undefined" after the ?v= . I went to YouTube and pulled the URL after it had uploaded and sent it to myself. I still got a "can not find this video" from the YouTube app. To quote Agent K: "Zed, we have a bug!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by noshooz View Post
    To quote Agent K: "Zed, we have a bug!"
    I would say so.

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    I wonder what 1.4.1 will fix.
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    I too have been trying to figure this out all day, I went on my labtop and renamed it in the details page, it did show as uploaded?? Once I renamed it I was able to copy the link and email it from there?? Lots of work for a test video..ha however I can type in the exact title in the search bar and can not find it?? The only way I can access my videos is through history... And as far as the you tube app on our pre? What's the point of synergy if you can't even get that to work?? Every video of pre users I tried to watch on my phone said...can not find video...ha what a kick in the b_lls...comming soon 1.4.1!!!! Can't wait to hit my update button 1000 times again.
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    A video says its uploaded to youtube, but when logging into my youtube account, the video is in fact NOT there.

    I can not re attempt the upload as once its marked as youtube's, you cant upload again.

    I did a work around for this by going into the file on the USB drive, and copying the file and then renaming the new one something else.

    the youtube app is also very buggy. You can tap a video you KNOW is uploaded, but it comes up as not found

    emailing videos has issues too. Seems it cant complete a send, it errors

    Sending via MMS, it changes the format , but does not give you any access to where it is saving them from mms.

    It sorta shows the path where it is stored, I found it in the .attachmens folder, but its named with numbers and you have to sorta search around. Also and I cant quite nail this down yet, sometimes it saves them in this folder as the regular mp4 but other times compresses and converts to 3gp format.

    Lots of little issues.. Im sure they'll work out some of these kinks soon, or at least I hope they will
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    I've been able to upload it, but the link to share includes the "undefined" in the URL. If I go into Youtube's mobile site and share from there, it works fine.
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    yep....this is the work around tht I have found also! you will see all the uploaded videos their...u can email them from there but still can not be opened from a pre or iphone...only a computer......
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    Like pdog said, login to youtube website on your phone or pc and use the send link. It could take a couple of hours before the link will show up.
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    I still get the undefined link but can use the mobile site like I said above... Videos will show up on your pre but it may take about a day for youtube to change the format for mobile phones... All my videos play from my you tube app now.....
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    this should be a prioity in 1.4.1.

    How embarrassing. I brag to my Bb friends about how I can do this and now I'm sending them dead links.

    what's up?

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