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    Anyone know what ever happened to that Palm Pre Backup app?
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    That's odd, look around all of your pages and try typing for it in universal search. I'm sure it's there.

    If anything restart and look again.
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    Its still there. Not sure why its not showing up for you. Its on the last page o.o
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    Sorry, i shoulda been more specific. I dont mean the native backup app. There was one made by a dev that backed up phonedata+browserdata+app+patches. It was called Palm Pre Backup Utility. The icon looked like a winzip icon.
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    Using it now in conjunction with Application:SaveRestore - WebOS Internals
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    Speaking of the backup app, whenever I try to run it, it says the server is unavailable. I don't know why, I created my account, but I have never been able to get backup to work.

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