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    Just saying. Running webOS Doctor 1.4 currently. I didn't even do anything to make it brick and ALSO had it sitting at stock before the update. Whatever...
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    It happens. You sure the 1.4 Doctor is out already? Also, it's not bricked. If it was bricked, then even the Doctor couldn't fix it.
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    1.4 is out on Palm's website.
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    I didn't pull the battery you dumbarses that tagged it with that.
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    It's not bricked until the doctor tells you it failed. I had that happened it sucked, but Sprint got me a new phone the same day.
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    that was my favorite part too. How it bricked your pre. At least palm has a sense of humor!
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    I think Palm put some code in there to check that it was your Pre specifically and do that because they don't like your hostile attitude.
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    thanks for the web doc link there man!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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