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    SHow palm your love, sport something orange and spread the word about PALM and 1.4!!! Upload videos, facebook status's anything!!! Support your team!!! Ruby is calling us out!!!! So mark monday on your palm pre/pixi calender and sport an orange shirt, tie, bra, jacket, and tell at least 20 people!!!!
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    Man, you are REALLY pushing this thing.
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    Yes I am ....Ruby called us out!!!! I am calling out to fans!!!! We should have this once a month!!! We need to get the webos momentum!! If i hear one more person say its not our job I will create 50 threads to **** him or her off!! Fans of teams sport jersey and indirectly promote and advertise. Sales are down bc the phone is not complete and after 1.4 we are getting therer!!! So all fans on MOnday make our voices heard and spread the word!!!! I think facebook status with photo and video is huge!!!
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    Yeah create 50 threads about the same dang idea so you can hopefully get banned. We get the point, March 1st. If the thread dies and isn't on the "New Posts" anymore when you get on PreCentral then NO ONE CARES or everyone got the damn point already.

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