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    It seems different now, at least on my phone, can anybody confirm. Mine doesnt have a lockscreen like before but simply a lock icon over whatever I have up currently. It's big time ugly.
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    mine is the same. Not digging it either.
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    I found myself liking it earlier. If I was doing something, like updating Preware, and diverted my attention elsewhere, I could look at the lock screen to see if it was done (which it's not... Preware update is timing out for me a lot.)
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    I just rebooted and its back to normal.
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    Yeah, it's strange. What I donLt like is that I missed the big lock icon and was trying to interact with the browser...thought my touchscreen was flaky for a while.
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    I was getting this new lock screen earlier today after a reboot. I rebooted afterwards a few times and am getting the normal wallpaper lock screen. Seems it was a strange glitch for quite a few people.
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    I like it alot. It removes the "Fog" and also doesn't hide all of your open apps and show the wallpaper. Like if an app or the launcher is open full screen and it locks when you hit the power button whatever you were doing last is right there full screen. To each their own though.

    Also there is an "Advanced Gesture" to unlock now. Just swipe up from the gesture area, you don't even have to tough the lock icon, saves .73457 seconds, lol.

    There is a launcher scrim patch available if you really don't like the new look. However, I don't know if the patch has/will be ported to 1.4 yet though because I don't use it.
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    I still have the black background with the digital clock and the yellow circle with the padlock. I wish there were a way to customize this!

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    Had this issue too. Thought it was a patch issue, but maybe a reboot would have fixed it. It was kinda cool though..
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    i like that you don't have to drag the lock up anymore, just an up gesture unlocks it now....
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