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    My keyboard has stopped working after the update. It is completely dead.

    No Universal Search. No text field field in any app, nor on any web page. Can not copy a paragraph with the Shift key, nor does the little yellow dot appear. Can not copy an image with the Orange key. Can not move the cursor with the Orange key, nor select words with the Shift key. The Orange key doesn't let me delete an app in the launcher.

    I've restarted several times and am now performing a battery-drop reset, giving the device extended down time to shake loose any cobwebs.

    The Keyboard was already acting up, its backlight dimming and turning off with while typing while plugged in with 100% battery. Either the Update was the proverbial straw or it is a complete coincidence. Either way I don't blame the Update.

    Just wanting to make sure it's my phone before going to Sprint for a replacement.
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    Actually, Doctoring comes before replacing and a full USB backup comes before that. Still, if anyone's had problems it'd help to know.
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    No problems here.
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    And now the keyboard does work. I'm posting this from my Pre.

    I let the phone sit there for about three to five minutes before restarting it. "Shaking loose the cobwebs" works more often than it should with electronic devices.

    I also changed batteries, too.

    Weird. Not to enthused.
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    My keyboard has just packed up, been working fine on for ages, 1.4 went on friday but today after writing a sms and then coming back after unlocking the keyboard has stopped.

    Restarting hasn't worked, trying the big power off and battery out job......

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