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    i haven't seen any at the moment, has this problem been solved.
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    Not fixed; hopefully it's not worse. Launch messaging and you can't launch Asphalt 5. If you launch Asphalt first, you can open a few other apps before getting the error. I didn't do much experimenting with it before, but I am pretty sure I could launch Asphalt 5 after something else was open before.
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    I still receive the "Sorry, Too Many Cards" problem with nothing open at all. I wish Sprint sold the Pre Plus because I dont think this issue will be fixed without extra memory built in.
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    received it when I first updated but then it just stopped. Have been able to load all my games fine.
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    still got it when i tried to open assissains creed FREE
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    I got an error when I tried to play nfs today. Wasnt too surprised really
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    not yet

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    just opened Asphalt with messaging and browser opened. got the error when i tried it as Preware was spinning it's wheel though.
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    Had it a few times trying to open sims,only had it once prior when i got up to 14 cards open.
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    Mine got worse, wasn't a problem before, now my browser is super slow and I can't open more than 3 windows. I have restarted a couple times with no luck.
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    In 8 1/2 months I have never gotten this message, but also, I not into gaming.
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    Got error when launching Sims 3 with nothing else open, restart seems to have sorted it.

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