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    I saw the thread. Thought there should be a poll on the topic.
    What do you guys think? I dont really like it. Might get used to it though. Everything feels like it takes longer now. IMHO
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    like it
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    like it except for the phone really slows that one down.
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    Good because you can flick it away before it completely loads if you opened the wrong app.
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    i love it! i haven't noticed it slowing things down at all, not in the phone app, or anywhere.

    also, not that it matters now, before 1.4 if you tried to open a wrong app you could swipe from the gesture are up to the screen and it would flip out a blank card. this would either turn into the app, or you could flick it away. i used to do it all the time if i started to open the wrong app.

    guess i'm a little late sharing this though, eh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flak1969 View Post
    Good because you can flick it away before it completely loads if you opened the wrong app.
    you could do that before ... you just swiped up after tapping on an app.
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    its slowing down the opening of the app.
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    I love it.
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    Even if it does take a bit longer to load, it still is pretty fancy.
    Makes the phone seems faster.
    I also love the way that there's no lag in between loading pages, it's A LOT smoother.
    They did an awesome job fixing the lag.
    Kudos to Palm!
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    Its good, it shows visually that its loading.
    Before it would lag and an empty space would show up. If you did a back gesture it would turn into an empty white card.
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    I don't really now if it slows things up or not, (I didn't time it with 1.3.5), but it sure feels like it. Any time I have to wait looking at the phone not doing any thing, sucks.
    Try loading Google Maps (I know, every-bodies favorite) - seems to take forever. Again, I am not sure if this is perception or reality, but sometimes perception is enough.
    I Hate them!!
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    I don't think there's too much point in arguing about the splash screen unless someone can state how it negatively impacts the usage of the phone.
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    The thing with google maps is that it did take that long with
    Took forever to load, what the splash screen does it takes up that time used taking forever to load with the splash screen but when it's done google maps is completely loaded and doesn't lag.
    If that makes any sense at all to anyone.
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    It takes a second longer for the card to load at the beginning, but the trade off is that most perform better afterward.
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    I like it because you can switch to another card and it won't try to go back to the newly opened card. So if I'm opening google results in new cards, I can switch back to the original google results card and it won't try to take me back to the resultant card when it finally loads. They can all load in the background.... much more efficient!
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    I don't like much,but i ain't going back to
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    Love it!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flak1969 View Post
    Good because you can flick it away before it completely loads if you opened the wrong app.
    You could previously do that by pressing the much maligned center button and flicking.

    Don't anybody bad mouth my center button.
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    I like it because almost daily I would think that I launched something and would wait forever thinking that I actually clicked on it. In reality I didn't click on it so it wasn't going to launch at all. With this, you know right away that you correctly clicked on something and that the phone is working on getting it running.
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    Reason quoted from other thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattykinsx View Post
    The splash card honestly gives the perception that the phone is taking longer to load than it really is [best examples: phone, messaging, calendar, email, device info, update apps] this is a very bad thing when competing with other phones such as the iPhone which have always had the upperhand on speed.

    Perception IS reality.

    I very much so dislike it.
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