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    Preware just keeps spinning on Downloading feed info, never goes away. Tried it over wifi and no go. I have waited like 10 minutes and the normal message about it taking longer etc. never shows up. Anyone else getting this?
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    I think the feeds are down because I am having the same problem, can anyone who knows confirm this?
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    same here. was going to try to uninstall then reinstall via WOSQI but im not at home right now
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    same here, need to re patch my phone... i did a epr befor the update. i didnt want to take any chances on that aupt thingy.... it would never follow through in preware when i tapped update all.... pre is just not the same with out patches
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    same here ... qi not working for me either ...
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    the feeds must be down. we are all having this problem right now.

    and btw... there is already a thread for this... its under Palm Pre title "preware error?!? (with screeshot)
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    I am trying to work on my wifes via WebOS Quick Install and the feeds must be down. Thats a good indication of how many people use Preware!!
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    i have 2 pres here... one will connect while the other one won't. they're both on sprint. so... i'm not sure what to make of it.

    i think preware hates my pre? heh.
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    btw If you check WebOS Internals IRC Channel, they have stated: **THE SERVER THE FEEDS RUN ON IS CURRENTLY BEING OVERLOADED, PLEASE BE PATIENT**

    Give it some time. Think about how many people just updated to 1.4 and are updating feeds in PreWare. TONS

    and remember preware is all donation based.. make a donation. i just did.
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    It worked for me just took about 10 minutes to fully load.

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