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    Has anyone tried tethering after they've updated to 1.4? I've been looking into trying this for a while but i just updated this morning and i was just wondering if its been tested yet.
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    palms mobile hotspot started.. but when I went to toggle the wifi "on" it was greyed out..
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    hmm, alright i am pretty new to the tethering so im just lookin at it all before i even try anything.. if anyone has any success let me know please.
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    My donorware version of MyTether works. Mobile Hotspot is greyed out it wont let me turn it on. I do have PAM on my sprint account also since i have 3rd party dealer plan.
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    everything im reading implies its grayed out because palm mobile hotspot is verizon only

    The Technology Chronicles : CES2010: Palm expands to Verizon Wireless, adds mobile hotspot

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