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    OK, what I have learned today is as follows:

    1. Snap the video
    2. Try to upload (only options are YouTube, e-mail and MMS)


    1. Snap the video
    2. Go to 'Video' on card menu
    3. View the video
    4. Upload (has the YouTube, e-mail, FB and MMS)

    So, this is available in one but not the other part of the video--so I think this is a bug at this point.


    webOS 1.40 was done by a full webDoctor instead of an in-place upgrade on my device...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrod418 View Post
    i deleted my FB account and not i cant add it back any suggestions?
    Does it tell you incorrect username/password? That's what was happenning to me in the picture preference. I webos doctored my stuff. I reentered my accounts in the whole phone startup process but i still have no "upload to youtube" in vids.
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    I have facebook but no youtube
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    i have trying all day to get this to work and i just figured it out even though someone said it in an earlier post i don't think the message was doesn't pick up that you have a facebook account by using friendsbook app or just logging in to the web browser bookmark you must have the official facebook for plam app installed. it worked for me so now i'm happy my hours of research have paid off lol. also is correct for some reason you can only pull this up from the videos card. it doesn't pop up from the recorder you only get the youtube,email,mms options. try this and let me know if it works for you!!!
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    just throwing in what I've found.

    the FB link is not there right after shooting the video.
    it was not there on the "videos" card either.

    then I went into the official facebook app & logged in.

    after logging in it still wasn't there right after shooting video
    it WAS there on the videos card.

    there was no option to choose the FB account like you have on the photos card. it went straight to the account set as primary in the FB app.

    thanks everyone
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    some here, couldn't upload videos to Facebook, until I downloaded the "Facebook for Palm" app from the cat. Worked just fine after that!
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