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    Scoop's ability to click on links is now broken. Both links that are part of the UI and the links that are in the posts now do not work. I have restarted my Pre, deleted the app and reinstalled, and I still have the same problem. Attached are pics. Nothing happens, even if the button is highlighted. Is anyone else having this issue?

    I cant contact them through the app (bcuz the links dont work for email), their website doesnt have an email address readily available, and I dont have a twitter acct. So can someone point their attention to this thread. Its still my most used Google Reader app.
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    I've found this to be true.
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    yes i have also noticed that when you swipe the screen to navigate to the next / previous post, it only works for going forward but not backward anymore.
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    Thanks IcerC!

    I did some more diggin and found that they do have a 'Contact Us' portion on their corporate page, so I dropped them a line. I hope they fix this soon.
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    They usually respond pretty quickly to tweets send to @scoop, so I've posted there as well.
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